Yolanda Valdes

Certified Registered Yoga Instructor and Medical Qigong

Yolanda, is a Certified Registered Yoga Instructor and Medical Qigong, Certified Intuitive Healer, and Spiritual Mentor from The Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing and Chinese Medicine.

She has formal training in Transpersonal Development/Terapeuta Transpersonal from Escuela Española de Desarrollo Transpersonal – Kayzen, Madrid, Spain, and Life Coach and Strategic Intervention from Robbins-Madanes Life Coach Training.

For the past 25 years, Yolanda has received training and certifications in multidisciplinary holistic approaches to health and wellness from some of the world’s most prominent teachers.

She is a lifelong student of Eastern philosophy. She studied Bio-Geometry, completed the Barefoot Doctors Holistic Training Program and San Baio-The Three Treasures with Janet Galipo, D.O.M and Nancy Werner, M.D. and is currently studying the BodyTalk System, and is also working towards her doctorate degree in Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. with a specialty in Conscious Centered Living from the University of Sedona.