Marisa DalPan

DOM, Parama BP

As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Marisa employs Five Element Theory, which is a comprehensive diagnostic template to discern where imbalances – body, mind, emotions and spirit – may exist and how different dimensions of our being impact each other. Then using the dynamic BodyTalk system and its priority-based approach, a treatment plan is established designed specifically to the client’s needs.

Marisa is delighted to work with her clients using a blend of traditional medicine with quantum era energy healing to help re-establish connections within the body mind complex.

In addition to being a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Parama BP, Marisa has furthered her studies of the flow of energy and its impact on health as a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. She is committed to the study and practice of holistic medicine and is a graduate level instructor of Oriental Medicine dedicated to training the next generation of holistic practitioners.