Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

About your appointment

Is there anything I need to do before/during my appointment?

If you are a new patient, you will need to fill out the New Patient Intake Forms online. or print and complete the New Patient Intake Forms by hand before your visit. You may also arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out the forms in our office.

If you are a previous client, there is nothing you need to do before or during your session.

When coming to your appointment, please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.

What is the cost of a session?

Any Express Service:

  • 20 minutes session – $49

Private Massage or Reflexology:

    • 40 minutes session – $75
    • 60 minutes session – $120
    • 90 minutes session – $165

Private BodyTalk/Acupuncture:

  • 60 minutes with Marisa DalPan  $150
  • 60 minutes with Ana Izquierdo  $150
  • 60 minutes with Janet Galipo  $250

Private Room Combination Therapy:

  • 60 minutes session – $120

What methods of payment are accepted?

Our office accepts all major credit cards, checks, and cash.

Where can I park when I come to your office?

Your parking options for 2 Be Healthy Inc are:

  • Paid Parking along NE 2nd Avenue via Pay-By-Phone
  • Anywhere on 48th Street (or any other street that crosses NE 2nd Ave) you can find FREE parking, as long as there is NO ‘Residential Parking’ sign at the spot.
  • Free parking on the block of 46th Street (ONLY in between 1st Ave & North Miami Ave) sign at the spot.

How often do I need to get a session?

We believe it is important to be on a health maintenance program which may consist of an appointment every 3-4 weeks. Each person is unique, therefore, we always check for priority for frequency of treatment.

Do you take medical insurance?

We do not take insurance. However, many of our clients simply request an invoice to submit to their insurance company and if their insurance covers acupuncture, they will receive a reimbursement from their insurance company.

How long are the sessions?

Express Sessions of any service are 20 minutes.

Private Massages range from 40 minutes to 120 minutes.

Private BodyTalk/Acupuncture sessions are 60 minutes.

What other services do you offer?

We offer sessions of BodyTalk, Acupuncture, Massage, Reflexology, Moxabustion, Cupping, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Acutron Natural Facial Rejuvenation.

About BodyTalk

Can BodyTalk treat ________disease/issue?

BodyTalk is based on the belief that the body knows how to heal itself but, like a computer, can get overloaded (through stress, bad eating habits, etc..) leading to malfunction. A BodyTalk practitioner offers no diagnosis or prescription just a “rewiring” session using muscle testing and light tapping on the head and sternum to re-establish channels of communication within the body. Then the body will start functioning optimally again.

What is Mind-Body Medicine?

Mind-Body medicine focuses on:

      • The interactions among the brain, the rest of the body, the mind, and the behavior.
      • The ways in which emotional, mental, social, spiritual, experimental, and behavioral factors can directly affect health.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) is the component of the NIH that studies complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Within CAM, some examples of body-mind medicine practices are: meditation, hypnosis, tai chi, and yoga (ref.

Why is BodyTalk a Mind-Body Medicine?

BodyTalk works with the influence of our psychology, mood, emotions and belief systems on our physical health.

How many sessions do I need to feel better?

There is no specific time-frame, some people might need more or less than others depending on what is going on inside their bodies. Typically, a person will need about 3 sessions to start noticing the effects.