It’s more than just a cosmetic procedure.

In our Natural Facial Rejuvenation treatments, we use the Acutron Mentor machine which uses energy + light to re-educate the facial muscles and address the underlying causes of visible aging rather than masking outside symptoms.

The magic of our Natural Facial Rejuvenation is the use of color combined with microcurrent done simultaneously.

Microcurrent allows light, color, and energy to travel in the body. Through the application of light + color at targeted areas on the face, information is delivered directly to where it is needed to balance the body and bring your innate beauty to a new level that’s beyond any other non-surgical treatment.

Benefits of Acutron

Our Natural Facial Rejuvenation treatments use the Acutron Mentor Machine. Learn more about the Acutron session benefits below.

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Collagen Production

Acutron encourages collagen production; smooths fine lines and wrinkles and firms skin tone.

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Skin Texture

Acutron improves skin texture, diminishes blemishes and breakouts and minimizes puffiness.

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Remedies Damage

Acutron remedies the effects of free-radical, sun, thermal, and wind damage.

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Energy Increase

Acutron increases the energy of the entire body, regulates the flow of energy (qi), and removes blockages in the meridians.

A personalized session for you.

Our certified therapists utilize the Acutron Mentor unit which emits microcurrent and colored light through two hand-held cotton tipped probes.

Each treatment includes the use of various organic skin creams and gels and ends with the use of a jade roller to close the facial pores.

Natural Facial Rejuvenation with Acutron is painless and very relaxing. There are no side effects to your sessions, only side benefits! Most patients feel and see the benefits after the first treatments. Noticeable results generally occur after three treatments. Dramatic results after 10.