Distance Healing in Time of Coronavirus

The world needs the powerful healing we can uniquely provide in the safe and effective format of distance treatments. But a lot of people – family, friends, and clients – may be having a hard time believing in this and aren’t open. This doubt is understandable – we’ve grown up in the Western healthcare paradigm where distance healing sounds like it’s from a magical realm. I’m passionate about sharing my perspectives as a PhD scientist, mind-body medicine instructor and practitioner to help open doors for all of us to share the distance healing potential of the BodyIntuitive/BodyTalk systems with everyone who needs them right now….so here goes!

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The Year of the Metal Rat

The rat’s innate element is water which represents the quality of fluidity within the body and within our lives. Because this is a year for strong water element energy, we must pay attention to the water element both inside the body, keeping ourselves well hydrated and taking care of our backs, bones and teeth, as well as outside the body, watching out for heavy rain and flooding and other water related incidents.

Metal is the elemental energy associated with wisdom, which, according to Chinese cosmology, is developed by going through many cycles of life and learning from each cycle.

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